FABNexus, Inc

FABNexus, Inc.



Equipment Control Software


Data Collection




  • Data Acquisition and Communications
  • System Controllers
  • Modular Platform Design and Control
  • Customized Software

FABNexus offers customizable software packages that enable and extend client capabilities. The FABNexus collection of software packages include Data Acquisition, Communications, System (and subsystem) Controllers, and Customized software. FABNexus has significant experience in system design, development, engineering, and support. Drawing from this experience and an understanding of the evolving customer needs, FABNexus develops products to support the achievement of client initiatives for communications and control.

Product porting

A key engineering feature of all of the FABNexus off-the-shelf software packages is the target computer platform ‘portability’. This capability allows FABNexus to offer its off-the-shelf automation packages to customers that utilize control systems based on operating systems other than MS-Windows or Debian Linux. The essential target platform requirements that permit platform support are; (1) an available communication port(s), (2) adequate storage, (3) some form of multi-tasking, and (4) and an ANSI C or C++ compiler. Even if your project uses a non-Windows or non-Linux controller solution, please contact us.