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Service Offerings

Equipment Control


Product Porting

Embedded Network Protocol Engines

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FABNexus offers expert software development services for product development, manufacturing and testing, equipment control, and automation. The engineering resources available from FABNexus provide a readily available technical pool with an experienced leadership team, along with a suite of complimentary and customizable products. Our specialties, which include automation interface development, embedded control, firmware, device driver and network protocol stack development may be best used on an “as needed basis”, freeing up your permanent staff to handle more pressing business requirements. Using FABNexus services as an extension of, or addition to, in-house software teams, can provide significant differentiable value to client projects, both in the deliverables and the time-to-market. Advantages include:

Unencumbered and readily available resource pool to draw from

  • Access to a broader range and depth of expertise
  • Ability to expand and reduce the team as needed (cost management)
  • Complimentary software and hardware products
  • Frees up internal resources for other on-going projects
  • An assurance of long term support team availability

The leadership team at FABNexus has extensive experience in providing the right technology, service, and product solutions to meet the client’s needs.^

Service Offerings

  • Software development
  • Automation
  • Data acquisition
  • Communications
  • Equipment control
  • Product porting
  • Embedded network protocol engines
  • Integration Services
  • Transition assistance, to address the evolving software requirements
  • Product roadmap and market requirements tracking
  • Training
  • Documentation services
  • Testing services
  • Consulting services

Equipment Control

The engineering staff at FABNexus are experts in equipment control and automation software development, and support.

The FABNexus team is ready to contribute with a wide-range of offerings in support of the client’s project. From just a few days of consultation or advanced in-house training, to a complete off-the-shelf integration or custom-crafted software package tailored to the client’s requirements, FABNexus is skilled in generating high-quality control systems with a world-class SECS/GEM and material handling interface.^

Automation -Data acquisition and communications

For the semiconductor and PV industries we have extensive expertise with the SEMI SECS/GEM protocol to support your needs in data collection, process control, and recipe management functionality. The SECS/GEM standard provides the framework for the development of manufacturing automation equipment interfaces.

FABNexus can provide clients with the products and services that will enable integration and implementation of the features needed to expand the basic data collection and communications capability to the levels necessary to meet the current and proposed requirements of factory automation, remote e-diagnostics, and APC.^

Product Porting

A key engineering feature of FABNexus’ off-the-shelf SECS software package is target computer platform ‘portability’. This capability allows FABNexus to offer its off-the-shelf automation packages to customers that utilize control systems based on operating systems other than MS-Windows or Debian Linux. The essential target platform requirements that permit platform support are (1) an available communication port(s), (2) adequate storage, (3) some form of multi-tasking, and (4) and an ANSI C or C++ compiler. Even if your project uses a non-Windows or non-Linux controller solution, please contact FABNexus.^

Embedded Network Protocol Engines

In situations where additional communications and automation features are needed, but modifying existing equipment or a host interface is difficult or otherwise undesirable, FABNexus offers a variety of customization protocol conversion ‘engines’. Custom protocol adapters can be built-to ‘spec’, using a standard industrial PC unit, or when space or power is constrained can be provided using a low-profile embedded SBC unit.^

Integration Services

FABNexus offers clients the needed services to integrate and implement equipment control, data collection and communications software. We will provide the integration and implementation for FABNexus software products as well as third party provided products, as requested by our clients